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Integrations stop working ("Failed to acquire token silently")

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Settings -> Single sign-on

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When a user is logged into Workspace, besides the Workspace login session, we also use oAuth tokens for the integrations (e.g. SharePoint, Exchange, Power BI, etc.). In some configurations this oAuth2 token is revoked or expired, while the Workspace login session is not. As a result, the integrations stop working. A typical error message that pops when this happens is: "Failed to acquire token silently" (visible in the Workspace error logs).


How to restore the functionality of all integrations?

Workspace administrators can determine when the refresh token is expired, the Workspace session also expires. This way, the user needs to sign in again into Workspace and receives a new refresh token. This should restore the functionality of all integrations.

To refresh the token, we added the option to: "Automatically sign out a user when the refresh token is expired".

By default, this functionality is enabled. However, you can opt out of this behavior if it causes issues for your users.


Automatically sign out a user when the refresh token is expired

To sign out users from Workspace and force them to sign in again to refresh the authentication token, you can follow the steps below. This will update the SSO setup for your Workspace environment.

  1. Go to the Workspace admin settings.
  2. Select Single sign-on.
  3. Make sure the manual setup is selected. 
  4. Check the checkbox Automatically sign out a user when the refresh token is expired
  5. Click Done to save your work. 


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