On Monday May 20th, Workspace 365 support is not available due to a national holiday.
Due to a SharePoint malfunction you may experience issues with the Documents app. Refer to the Microsoft 365 Service Health center for the latest status.
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You may run into a 403 forbidden error message when trying to access the Workspace environment. In this article, we discuss the different scenarios and solutions.



Explanation & Solution

Explanation 1:

There is a redirect to an invalid URL. Perhaps the wrong URL is entered in the browser, an incorrect bookmark has been saved and opened or an incorrect link has been sent to a user.


To access a Workspace environment, always use the root URL: 'https://workspace365instance.url/{EnvironmentName}'.


Explanation 2:

There is an issue with the configuration of the web server where Workspace 365 is hosted on. Perhaps the URL is not included in the whitelist or a change has been made to the DNS.


Please contact support and provide us with the relevant information such as a problem description, possible changes made and when the Workspace environment could not be accessed anymore.