Audit logging

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Administrators can see audit logging for the Workspace 365 environment, which means they can see which modifications were made to the Workspace environment and by whom. 



Audit logging

Please submit a Feature Request if you miss a functionality within audit logging.

The following user actions will be logged:


  • Tiles that were added or removed from Shared tile groups.
  • Added, removed or modified Shared tile groups.
  • Added or removed Shared spaces.
  • Modified tiles.

(Changed order of tile groups is not logged)


  • API/API keys that were added, removed or modified.
  • Subscription changes.
  • All added, deleted or modified integrations (e.g. AFAS, Clientless RDP, Nedap ONS, File servers, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.).
  • Apps that were created, deleted or modified.
  • Workspace templates that were modified for new and/or existing users.
  • Brandings that were created, deleted or modified.
  • Users and/or groups that were added, soft-/permanently deleted, restored or changed.
  • User changes like inactive/active status or changed passwords.
  • Changes to Active Directory settings.

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