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Liquit Workspace is an application management portal which allows organizations to manage various types of applications, such as web applications, local applications, as well as Citrix/VMWare/Nutanix/Microsoft published applications and desktops. It also offers a large managed repository with 4000+ applications, continuously kept up to date and used to deploy local applications to managed client devices.

We have created an integration with Liquid Workspace, fully compatible with the Single Sign-on experience. The Liquid live tile can be added to your Workspace as one single interface for all your assigned Liquit apps.


Accessibility & Liquit live tile

Applications are greyed out

The content (accessibility of application shortcuts) within the live tile is determined based on your account and access level in Liquit Workspace.

In Liquit Workspace, a device is managed when the Liquit Agent is installed. This allows you to determine which applications you make available on managed and unmanaged devices. If you configure applications to require the local Liquit agent, these application shortcuts appear greyed out (not accessible) when the Liquit Agent is not installed or active.

liquit_1.png  liquit_2.png

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Search function

The size of the Liquit live tile can only contain so many applications, which is why we have also included a search function. By typing in the search bar, you can easily search for an application you have access to.


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Order of application shortcuts

The current implementation of the live tile does not allow a user to rearrange the application shortcuts to their own liking. However, they can still influence the presentation order by clicking on the “Liquit ->” button at the bottom of the live tile.


This will lead the user to their Liquit Workspace portal where they can drag the application shortcuts in their preferred order, which will then be represented in Workspace 365 after the browser tab is refreshed.

Take notice that these are Liquit app shortcuts and therefore will not be displayed in My frequent apps at the top of your Workspace. 

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