Release notes Workspace 365 v3.67.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.67.0 was deployed on 28-09-2023. ​Here are the release notes for this version:



  • We introduce a dedicated page for the Calendar app. The page contains a calendar with a week view, day view, 5 day view, and 3 day view. The calendar shows all events of the user’s personal calendar with cards. In a later stage, more calendars will be added (e.g., shared calendars). The page is accessible from the global navigation bar via the calendar icon, tiles on the workspace, and Calendar app in global search.  
  • The Address book sidebar is extended with departments and office locations for Workspace contacts.


  • There was no email address format validation on the Request Emergency Admin Access page.
  • When searching in a SharePoint folder whose name is a prefix of another folder, the search would return results from both folders.
  • If a user had multiple reminder activities, the event could not be updated.
  • The setting "Always use white text for text and icons" did not always work correctly.
  • Long category names were not ellipsed in the Hub composer.
  • The parent folder was included in the current and subfolder search results.
  • The Hub item composer dialog would remain open when the initial loading fails.
  • A user with permission to create events, knowledge articles, and categories did not have access to the corresponding settings pages when there were no categories yet.
  • There was no busy indicator when the Edit app dialog was being loaded.
  • When the credentials of the WebDav server were incorrect, the user would get 500 errors when using the bookmarks in the Documents live tile.
  • Changes to the email body would not always trigger the draft to be saved.
  • When updating an event in The Hub, an activity could not be sent and resulted in a 500 error.
  • Tooltips were not working for RSS, Documents, Address book, and Hub live tiles.


  • The Calendar live tile is redesigned. For the larger tile sizes, the primary change is that the new design shows the week dates of the selected date instead of the entire month. Users can scroll through the days and appointments of the week. Additionally, users can still easily open the month/year/decade views. For the smaller tile sizes (agenda view), the primary difference is that all days of the upcoming month are listed instead of only listing the days that contain appointments.
  • The styling for disabled controls & input fields is made consistent.
  • The backdrop styling for dialogs and the sidebar is changed. The new backdrop contains a blur.
  • The styling of the Upload files dialog (Documents app) is improved to have better accessibility in dark mode.
  • The "Has Office 365 license" column on the "Import Office 366 users" page is removed.

V4 – New layout (preview)

  • The limitation of a maximum of two tile groups next to each on a space is removed in the new layout. This means that large screens can have as many tile groups next to each other as possible. If you are using a full HD screen (1920x1080px) and you unpin the Activity feed and sub-navigation, the space has three tile groups next to each other.
  • The Activity feed can be unpinned on spaces in the new layout.
  • A new environment setting is added to give admins more control over the new workspace layout. The setting contains two options: 1. Users can switch between the classic and new layout. 2. The new layout is always used (no option to switch to classic). Additionally, admins can force all users to the new layout if option 1 is selected.
  • Another new environment setting is added to define the default pin state of the Activity feed in the new layout: pinned or unpinned.