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Our Calendar app helps users to plan and manage appointments, meetings, and tasks. It makes it easier to stay organized and keep track of important dates and activities. This app is also integrated with our email, address book, tasks app and Activity Feed.

Here's an example of the Calendar app.


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  • You will need to have at least Full Details permission on the calendar in order for Workspace to retrieve it. This is due to an API restriction in the Exchange/MS Graph API.
    • You will be presented with a warning if you do not have Full Details permission. The required permissions can be assigned via OWA.
    • Exercise caution when sharing your calendar. Because 'Full details' permission will show the time, subject, location, and other details of all items in your calendar.
  • The Calendar app looks at the Primary email address, not the UPN.

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  • We only support Exchange calendars
  • We don't support private appointments just yet, therefore these appointment will not be displayed.
    • Note: we are looking into this. We recommend to keep an eye on our release notes.
  • We don't support MS booking appointments.
  • We don't support group calendars and resources.

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Access Calendar app

If the Calendar app is enabled (App store -> "Manage apps") and when users have permissions to the Calendar app, it will be visible in the navigation menu on the left-hand side in your digital workplace.

The Calendar app will be displayed in the navigation menu if it's enabled and when you have permissions to the app.

calendar blur.png

For more information on how to use the Calendar app, please take a look at our Quick Start Guide

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Default client

In the Calendar app, you have the option to select your default client by editing the app from the App store under 'manage apps'. This enables you to choose whether to open your calendar through the Workspace 365 Calendar app or OWA. 

default client.png

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Live tile

You want users to stay organized and to see an immediate overview of their important dates and activities at the start of their work day. This is why you could add the Calendar live tile to the user's Personal space.

The Calendar live tile can be added from the App store or via "+ Add tiles" button. There are two views available. The live version shows more detailed information.

  • Live version: change the tile format to 4 x 4 or higher (recommended)
  • Regular: 2 x 2 or 1 x 1 format.

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Shared calendars

Shared calendar should be retrieved automatically, provided you have at least Full Details permission on the calendar, as mentioned in the requirements. 

If shared calendar are not retrieved automatically, you can try to add the calendar manually:

  1. Go to OWA.
  2. Navigate to Calendar.
  3. Click on Add calendar.
  4. Select Add from directory.
  5. Search through the list and add the calendar to "My calendars" or "Other calendars".
  6. Click Add

This calendar will be added as another drop-down in the Calendar tile.

If the shared calendar is not immediately visible, try to add it manually:

  1. Right-click on the Calendar live tile.
  2. Select edit tile.
  3. Click on the plus icon.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select a calendar.
  5. Under content, pick a name. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Save your digital workplace.

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