Release notes Workspace 365 v4.8.0


The release of Workspace 365 v4.8.0 was deployed on 25-04-2024. ​Here are the release notes for this version:



  • We introduce an analytics page with metrics about workspace usage. The page shows two metrics: "used apps" and "active users". The metric "used apps" measures how many users have used a specific app at least once in a selected time range. A complete list of used apps is available, and the order is from most used to least used. The "active users" metric measures how many users used the workspace at least once in a selected time range. The "Analytics" page can be found in the workspace settings in the "Insights" section.
  • It's now possible to enable autoplay for the carousel view in the Hub live tile. Autoplay can be enabled in the edit tile settings. By default, autoplay is disabled.
  • It's possible to create templates for announcements, events, and knowledge articles. A template consists of the Hub item title, cover media and layout. It's possible to save templates with and without content. Per item type, a maximum of 50 templates can be created. Users can create new templates from scratch and existing Hub items. A new group permission with the label "Create and manage Hub templates" has been added. Only admins and user groups with this group permission can create templates. All created templates are listed in the Choose template dialog, which will be shown when creating a new Hub item.
  • It's possible to create a custom default view with multiple categories for the Hub live tile. In this view, all items from the selected categories are displayed. The custom view can be created in the edit tile settings. A new option labelled "Custom" has been added to the "Default view" dropdown menu.
  • The Group management page contains a new visual view that displays the hierarchy of the user groups. Users can move around and click on groups within the view. When clicking a group, the group is selected, and all members are highlighted. On the left side of the view, all groups are listed from A to Z. For each group, the number of members is displayed. The visual view can be opened by clicking the switch button next to the search bar.

Technical items

  • Update Microsoft.Graph(.Core) to the latest version.
  • HTML snippets configured by a user will be hosted on a separate domain ( from the workspace portal. Currently, this applies to the Web content app and video elements in the Hub. When the content you are embedding relies on a Content-Security-Policy header containing a definition for frame-ancestors, this new domain must be added.


  • The text colour in announcement cards was not correct.
  • The table view that displays the attendees in the event composer was not full height.
  • The profile cover image was not displayed in the Address book.
  • Shared tile groups looked editable to users without permission to edit them.
  • In the Select contacts dialog in the email composer, the sidebar did not close when selecting a list item in mobile mode.
  • File icons were not aligned correctly in the table view in the Documents app.
  • It was not possible to disable a shared calendar, which became unavailable after being enabled in the Calendar app.
  • In the Manage Hub items dialog, double-clicking a category would result in a flickering dialog if the user didn't have owner permissions on the category.
  • Users could navigate to non-editable spaces in edit mode.
  • After renaming a bookmarked document in the Documents app, the bookmark status was removed until the user refreshed the page.
  • In specific scenarios, linking the same tag multiple times to the same item was possible, resulting in an unrecoverable error.
  • If a combobox was focused and you clicked on another input field, the other input was not focused.
  • When you tried to copy a file with illegal characters from SharePoint to WebDAV, no validation message was displayed.


  • When a page contains a floating action button, the related action in the actionbar is not displayed.
  • A separator has been added to the colour picker.
  • More items are displayed in the tiles layout of larger Hub live tiles (17x6 and larger).
  • The sort icon has been updated in the Documents and Address book apps.
  • The leave page dialog is added to the announcement composer. When the user clicks the cross or Cancel button and makes changes to the announcement, we show a confirmation dialog that asks the user to confirm they want to navigate away from the page. If the announcement can be saved as a draft, the leave page dialog provides the option to save it as a draft.
  • The "available spots" label on an event's details page is changed to "spots taken."  
  • It's possible to unattend an event until the start of the event.
  • Add, edit, and delete actions to personal contacts in the Address book list view.
  • It's possible to deselect selected items from the actionbar and overall checkbox in tables.
  • Apply safe-area insets to all devices instead of just mobile.