Release notes Workspace 365 v4.9.0


The release of Workspace 365 v4.9.0 was deployed on 16-05-2024 at 22:00 Central European Time. ​The following has been implemented:



  • A new setting has been added to the event settings to determine whether users can attend the event in the workspace. If attendance is disabled, the "Attend" button on the event details page is unavailable. If attending is not possible and an external event URL is provided, a "Go to event" button is displayed, which opens the URL in a new window.
  • A template preview section has been added to the Choose template dialog. When selecting a template, a preview is shown in the new section. Furthermore, if a Hub template contains cover media, a video placeholder or image is shown in the template card.
  • The image viewer has been enhanced with more features. You can now zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel. You can also zoom by clicking the Plus and Minus buttons on the right side of the viewer. The Reset button can be used to reset the zoom level to the default value.

Technical items

  • We are introducing version 2 of the Announcements API. The existing endpoint is deprecated and will soon be deleted. The difference between the existing API and version 2 is that the category property is required.
  • We are stricter in what apps can be added to the Space panel. This means that no unsupported app types can be added by accident.


  • The order of the Hub items in the Create item dialog was incorrect.
  • App icon images were not always centred in the "Choose an icon" dialog.
  • Selecting documents didn't work if you entered selection mode via long press in the mobile app.
  • Published past events were not taken into account in the event category section in the Manage Hub items dialog.
  • When a knowledge item was edited and the language of the content changed, the old content still appeared in global and advanced search.
  • If a user had no document store configured and requested a specific SharePoint location, he would get two dialogs on top of each other.


  • The content section padding of the pages have been updated.
  • In The Hub composer, it's now possible to drag and drop images into the cover media box. Additionally, the support text for uploading cover media has been updated. Furthermore, we improved the experience of adding and editing images and videos. When clicking the "Image" button from the cover media box or layout, the file explorer will directly open instead of a dialog. When clicking the Edit button to edit an image or video, you will immediately start editing the element.
  • When a shared tile group is created from the app store, it is not visible by default in the personal space.
  • "Briefing" has been changed to "Summary" in the daily and weekly email briefings.
  • The styling of the comment box on the Hub details page has been updated.