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Step 4. Add Clientless RDP connection to apps management

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

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After configuration of the gateway and connection(s), we need to add the created connection to the App store.


Adding a connection to apps management

  • Go to the App store (waffle icon) or click on + Add tiles
  • Make sure Manage apps is selected.


  • Click on Add new app and choose Clientless RDP.
  • Click on Add


  • The App Settings page will open. Here you can configure the app details. You can modify the tile color by choosing a custom color, choose a custom tile icon, grant permissions to the app, etc.
  • From the gateway dropdown you can select the preferred gateway. By choosing a gateway, connected connections to this gateway will be loaded in the connection dropdown. At the connection field you can select the connection which want to select. 
  • Click Save when you are ready with configuring the app. The app is now added to the App store and can be added to Workspace.



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