How to start with Clientless RDP

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With Clientless RDP, remote applications can be reached without having to install a client, logging in or searching for the right application within the Remote Desktop. Clientless RDP could come in handy for companies that still use legacy applications.

It's also possible to create app links for Clientless RDP applications, which are unique URLs that link directly to that specific application by using shortcut apps in Workspace. This allows users to gain direct access to those applications anywhere in Workspace 365.

In this article, we will discuss the requirements and how to request Clientless RDP. When the CRDP gateway server is requested, you can use Clientless RDP for your entire instance and underlying Workspace environments. 

Tip: For the most frequently asked questions about Clientless RDP, check out the FAQ for admins.



The requirements are:

  • Workspace Adapt or Boost subscription.
  • CRDP gateway server URL and Administrator account.
    • If you don't know what your CRDP gateway server URL is, please contact support for more information.
  • RDS server needs to be connected to an Active Directory

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Follow the steps below to configure Clientless RDP for your legacy applications: 

Step 1. Create a ServiceAccount in Clientless RDP Gateway
Step 2. Configure Clientless RDP Gateway
Step 3. Configure Clientless RDP Connections
Step 4. Add Clientless RDP connection to apps management
Step 5. Add Clientless RDP app to the Workspace
Step 6. Clientless RDP user credentials

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