Heads-up: on-premise Exchange deprecation for Calendar app


For the Workspace 365 Calendar app, we will transition from the EWS API to the Graph API, which offers more possibilities for the further development of the Calendar app. We expect to complete this transition with the release of v4.8 mid to end of April.

However, the Graph API does not support on-premise Exchange installations, only Exchange Online via Microsoft 365. This means that once the transition is complete, Workspace 365 will no longer display data in our Calendar tile or app when using on-premise Exchange.

If you are already using Exchange Online via Microsoft 365, this change does not impact you.

Our data shows that few customers still use on-premise Exchange. For these customers, an alternative is available by setting setting the Calendar app's default client to "Outlook Web App":

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Click Manage apps and Edit the Calendar app
  3. Set the Default client to "Outlook Web App" and click save

Doing this will redirect you to OWA via the global navigation, or when clicking a Calendar tile that is 1x1 or 2x2 in size. A Calendar tile larger than 2x2 will show a no-result UI, though the link in the footer will still redirect to OWA.