Step 2. Configure Clientless RDP gateway

Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> Clientless RDP

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After creating the service account, you will have to configure the Clientless RDP gateway in the workspace Settings. This gateway manages all the RDP connections.


Configure Clientless RDP gateway

To configure the CRDP gateway:

  1. Log in to the workspace as an admin.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Under Integrations, select Clientless RDP.
  4. Click New to configure the gateway.
  5. Fill in the details:
    • Name: enter the desired name for the gateway
    • Gateway URL: enter the URL of the CRDP gateway
      • As a partner, the URL of your CRDP gateway should be known in your organization
      • As a customer that purchased Workspace 365 through one of our partners or resellers, contact them for the CRDP gateway URL
    • Service Account username: enter the name of the service account created in the previous step
    • Service Account password: enter the password for the service account
  6. Click Save, you will see an overview of the created gateway(s) for your workspace environment.
  7. If necessary, you can select the gateway to Open or Edit it:
    • Open will show the gateway configuration and allow you to add connections
    • Edit will let you edit the configuration of the gateway itself
You can also delete a gateway by selecting it and clicking Delete. Be wary that when deleting a gateway, the connections linked to the gateway will NOT be deleted. If you want to delete the connections as well, you need to remove them first or they will still be linked to the deleted gateway. If the gateway is added again after deletion, connections that were previously linked to that gateway will be automatically linked to it again.

With the gateway configured, you can now start adding connections.

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