Step 5. Clientless RDP user credentials

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Settings -> Integration credentials

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To connect to a remote app via Clientless RDP, the end user must submit integration credentials.


Integration credentials

Each user can create sets of integration credentials, which are used to connect to the remote app or machine. There are some important things to note:

  • Integration credentials are set at user level, so each user must set them individually
  • Ensure you use the correct syntax, e.g. USER@DOMAIN.LOCAL or USER@SERVERNAME.LOCAL
  • Multiple sets of integration credentials can be created, and each set can be assigned to specific Clientless RDP app(s)
  • The same integration credentials cannot be used for multiple workspace environments

The first time a Clientless RDP app is opened, the user will be prompted to submit credentials. If a set of integration credentials is already configured that can be used to connect, the user can select those which will automatically assign that set of credentials to the Clientless RDP app. Alternatively, the user can choose to enter new credentials.

If there is no set of integration credentials available or the user chooses to submit other credentials a window will appear to enter new credentials:


Entering a new set of credentials will automatically create a new integration credentials set and assign it to the Clientless RDP app.

Alternatively, integration credentials can also be added via the User settings. This is also where existing credential sets can be managed.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under User, find Integration credentials
  3. Click New
  4. Enter the Username (remember to use the correct syntax) and Password
  5. Check the checkbox for the Clientless RDP app(s) you want to use the credentials for
  6. Click Save in the top left

Credentials changes

Please note that if the username or password of a user's integration credentials changes, these must be manually updated in the corresponding set of integration credentials in the workspace. Otherwise when the user attempts to access the CRDP app, they will be prompted to enter their new credentials.

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