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RSS feed

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There can be added two kind of feeds (Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 is supported). 

  • Public feed
  • SharePoint feed

From your Workspace, it's possible to show multiple RSS feeds. You can switch between feeds via the drop-down list.



Definition and usage

The <image> element allows an image to be displayed when aggregators present a feed. Currently, only JPEG is supported. 

Child Elements of <image>

Some child elements of the <image> element are required. If missing, images will not be visible in the RSS feed. Bare in mind that Workspace has no influence on the layout/structure of the feed.

Tag Description
<description> Optional. Specifies the text in the HTML title attribute of the link around the image.
<height> Optional. Defines the height of the image.
<link> Required. Defines the hyperlink to the website that offers the channel.
<title> Required. Defines the text to display if the image could not be shown.
<url> Required. Specifies the URL to the image.
<width> Optional. Defines the width of the image.

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Activate the app

Go to the App store (or click on "+ Add tiles"). Search for and select RSS, then click Add to workspace. The RSS app can be found under the Web category. When added to your Workspace, you can start with the configuration of the app by right-clicking the tile.


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First you have to give the new feed tab a name. This name will be displayed in the live tile.

The RSS feed URL can be retrieved from the website and/or SharePoint (instructions on retrieving the SharePoint URL, click here). Choose the Feed type matching your feed. And as last configure the Site URL. Where the "Open site" links to. To remove or add a tab press the + and -.

Optional is to change the order of the RSS tabs by clicking the arrow up or down.

As an administrator you can configure Predefined RSS feeds for your users. Go to Settings, App store and select the RSS tile. Here you can configure a Predefined RSS feed.


To create multiple RSS feeds click on the + icon.

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