Troubleshooting Clientless RDP

Configuration & troubleshooting wizard

The screen is stuck on: "Incorrect password or server configuration"

It could be that the credentials are correct but that there is a configuration issue within the RDS/Gateway properties. Please check the setting below.

Incorrect time zone forwarded to the RDP connection

If this happens we suggest to checkout the time zone which is specified on the Linux machine which is hosting the Clientless RDP software.

You can do this by sign in on the Linux machine via SSH and run the following command:


This will display the current time zone set on the machine, if this is incorrect you can run the following command to set it to the correct time zone:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

When done, recheck the time zone and the time zone issue will be resolved when restarting the RDP connection via Workspace 365.

Not able to open multiple tabs with different applications

If this happens we suggest to change the Group policy settings on the RDS Farm to allow multiple connections per user, see this article for more information:

NOTE: When you use different integration credential sets for different RDS connections as the same user in your Workspace 365, you cannot launch 2 applications with different integration credentials currently. 

Blurry screen in CRDP environment 

In CRDP there is a know issue with a blurry screen.
When scaling in a CRDP environment it happens that the screen will be blurry.
It will be fixed when the scaling of the webbrowser is set to 100%.

Failed to retrieve the connections from the gateway. Please check the gateway settings.

When adding a new connection to the gateway and you receive an unknown error, make sure the service account has been setup correctly. Bare in mind that the 'Connection group' name must exactly match with the workspace environment name: E.g. -> environmentname will be the Connection group name."
When creating the user, you can give the name e.g.: {Environmentname}ServiceUser  (EnvironmentName=name of workspace environment). 

Connection Time-out

  • Make sure the configuration settings are filled in correctly (from creating a service account, configuring the gateway and connections to adding the connection in app management.
  • Check if the user integration credentials are set correctly.
  • Make sure your Firewall is not blocking traffic from RDS/RDP. 

Black screen & Disconnected

When you click on a tile (remote/published app) and you end up in a black screen and the browser tab closes, the rdp connection works. However, you need to check the name of the remote app. You can download/edit the .rdp file to check the name of the app. This needs to correspond with the Remote app settings in Clientless RDP settings > Manage connection > edit > Remote app > Program.
When you leave the program (published app) blank, the full desktop version should open.

TLS/SSL error message

Certificate needs to be fixed from the RDS Terminal Server Gateway. 


Self-hosted? Check the Catalina logs for error messages.